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Business Intelligence Tools|Top 7 In 2021

Looking to implement a business intelligence (BI) tool? If yes, then let me tell you there are hundreds of options you can choose from the market today.

Before you learn about BI tools, it is crucial to know how using them is helpful for your business and why you should implement them.

What are business intelligence tools?

Business intelligence tools help you to understand the latest trends and derive insights from the available data, thus allowing you to make strategic and tactical business decisions.

These business intelligence tools are also helpful when it comes to identifying patterns in the plenty of data built up by your business over the years.  

But the question arises… how would you find out which BI tool is ideal for your business? And which tools can help you in achieving your online goals?

Let me tell you that it is not only you who is looking for such a solution, instead, many SMBs are also in search of the same, especially since big data has begun to rise.

Mordor Intelligence says, just as the business intelligence industry is becoming popular with each passing day, it is likely to touch a value of USD 40.50 billion by 2026.

Why use business intelligence tools?

The days are gone when data discovery was confined to advanced analytics specialists.

Today almost everyone can make it possible with these business intelligence tools.

These business intelligence tools are also helpful when you want to get insights to achieve things like growth, sort out issues, build up all your data in one place, predict results, and so on.

This article will explain to you the top 7 Business Intelligence tools you can use in 2021 and help you in selecting the BI tool that will best cater to your business needs.

However, it is crucial to know that all these business intelligence tools differ in integration capabilities, robustness, ease-of-use (from a technical perspective) and yes, cost.

 Top 7 Business Intelligence Tools

SAP Business Objects

Want to purchase a BI tool that can help you with detailed reporting, analysis, and interactive data visualization? The SAP Business Objects software may be right for you!

The business intelligence (BI) tool primarily concentrates on categories, for example, Customer Experience (CX) and CRM, digital supply chain, ERP, and more.

The catch of this business intelligence tool is its role-based and self-service dashboards, which allow its users to build or create their own dashboards and applications.

SAP is a powerful tool, which means it is fit for roles like end uses, IT, and management, and blends more than enough functionalities in one single software. However, the complexity of this BI platform does raise the cost so, get ready for that.

2. Datapine

Are you a non-technical user, looking for a business intelligence tool or BI tool that can facilitate you with the complicated process  of data analytics? Check out Datapine!

Whether you are a data analyst or business user, the all-in-one BI tool not only lets you easily integrate different data sources and analyze data in an advanced way but also generates interactive business dashboards and builds actionable business insights, thanks to its comprehensive self-service analytics approach as well as solution.

3. MicroStrategy

Looking for a business intelligence tool that can offer you robust (and high speed) dashboarding and data analytics, cloud solutions, and hyperintelligence? Then, MicroStrategy is the right one for you.

Leveraging the power of this business intelligence solution, you can easily identify the latest trends, figure out new opportunities, improve or boost productivity, and more.

You can also take advantage of it to connect to one or more than one source, whether the incoming data is from a spreadsheet, cloud-based, or enterprise data software.

Best of all, you can access it either from your desktop or mobile phone though its setup may involve multiple parties as well as somewhat in-depth knowledge of the application.

4. SAS Business Intelligence

If you believe SAS only offers advanced predictive analytics, let me tell you that it also works as a great BI tool for people like you.

Founded back in the 1970s, this well-seasoned self-service tool lets you take advantage of data and metrics so that you can make an informed decision for the benefit of your business. It comes with a superb set of APIs, which allow its users to leverage its tons of customization options.

Additionally, SAS ascertains superb level data integration and high-end reporting & analytics.

It also has great text analytics to help you with more contextual insights into your data.

5. Yellowfin BI

Want to buy a BI tool and an ‘end-to-end’ analytics platform that is a combination of visualization, machine learning (ML), and collaboration? Just trust Yellowfin BI!

The business intelligence tool allows you to easily filter through a mountain of data with intuitive filtering, for example, radio buttons and checkboxes. Besides, due to its flexibility inaccessibility (mobile, webpage, etc.), you can open it up anywhere, anytime.

Best of all, this BI tool also allows you to scale dashboards and visualizations to the next level with utmost ease with the help of a no-code/low code development environment.

6. QlikSense

QlikSense, a product of Qlik, is an all-in-one data analytics software and business intelligence tool.

The best thing about this BI tool is that you can use it anytime with any device whatsoever.

Its user interface (UI) is specifically optimized touchscreen, which makes it an ideal BI tool for those seeking a complete data analytics and business intelligence tool.

The tool has a unique associative analytics engine, advanced AI, and a high-performing cloud suite, which together make it more demanding among the users of BI tools.

The best part of this tool is its Search & Conversational Analytics that offers an easier and faster way to raise questions and find new insights with the help of natural language.

7. Zoho Analytics

Looking for a BI tool that can help you with comprehensive reporting and data analysis?

Go, without a doubt, with Zoho Analytics! This great business intelligence tool or BI tool not only allows for automatic data syncing but also can be scheduled periodically.

Best of all, taking advantage of the integration APIs, you can effortlessly build a connector.

Plus, it helps you blend and merge data from various sources and create meaningful reports, while its easy editor allows you to build personalized reports and dashboards, this way allowing you to zoom into the most crucial information or details.

What’s more?

Its unique commenting section in the sharing options works great for collaboration purposes.


The term business intelligence or BI explains itself that it improves your business performance intelligently yet skillfully. This way, business intelligence is a wide concept.

Hence, to achieve your target business goal, you need not go through the manual process.

Instead, you need to use advanced business intelligence tools or BI reporting tools that not only make the task easier but also easily manageable. But you must know that BI tools continue to change, based on a business’s needs dynamically changing technology.

In all, the business intelligence tools or BI tools are the ideal way to achieve business targets.

After reading the article about the Top 7 BI Tools In 2021, we hope that you would like to know more about the business intelligence tools and BI consultant who can best guide you in finding an ideal BI tool for your business.

If you have any questions about which business intelligence tools you should use and can help your business in the year of 2021, we would be happy to answer all of them in the comment section below.

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