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Top 6 AI Tools | Streamline Your Social Media Strategy

No matter what type or size of business you run in the market today. But I am more than 100% sure that you must be leveraging the social media platforms to build an audience, create interaction with your products as well as business, and convert prospects into leads and sales. 

Did you know?

If you apply artificial intelligence in your social media strategy, it will not only help in boosting your social media revenue but also  bring down the costs of strategizing, development, and management.

This article tells you how the use of AI can revolutionize your social media strategy and which 5 AI tools can streamline your social media strategy.

What is Artificial Intelligence (AI)?

Artificial intelligence (AI) is a wide phrase that includes an extensive variety of technologies, for example, machine learning (ML), image processing, deep learning (DL) speech recognition, and others. 

However, the fundamental function of AI technology is to let computers finish specific cognitive tasks in tandem with or better than humans.

For example, AI-enabled object detection algorithms in self-driving vehicles come embedded with the capability of detecting hurdles as such humans do, enabling the machine to take control.

Your voice assistant, for example, Siri or Alexa, helps in interpreting your statements as if they were spoken by another person and then answers in kind— kudos to the application of artificial intelligence. 

Netflix and Amazon use AI recommendation algorithms when it comes to suggesting movies or items that you may enjoy, assuming your tastes, similar to a fellow movie or product fan would.

Why is AI relevant to social media?

AI technology is an essential module of most social media platforms. 

It helps in strengthening the famous social networking sites from behind the scenes.

To increase user engagement, social media sites use the latest technology.

  • Facebook takes advantage of face recognition in postings and robust machine learning (ML) technologies when it comes to targeting people with advertising.
  • Instagram takes advantage of AI when it comes to recognizing different images
  • Snapchat uses AI to identify features and bring about an overlay that will let you move your head in real-time.
  • LinkedIn employs AI to suggest jobs and to offer specific items in your feed.

Moreover, if you are a social media marketer, Artificial Intelligence will help you in improving social media marketing in two foremost ways:

  1. Reduce costs: AI helps your team in focusing more on the core tasks by entirely or partially automating a few of the more labor-intensive processes that are time-consuming. This involves the activities such as scheduling and posting shares, sending the most relevant tags and links, and making it easier and accelerating the entire research process for what to post.
  2. Increase revenue: AI also improves the effectiveness of your social media posts and strategy, resulting in more engagement and returns on your social media efforts. It can aid you in ascertaining the most effective content, the most appropriate audiences, and the best channels to use. It can even create more effective advertising for you.

Let’s talk about the top 6 AI tools that can  streamline your social media strategy


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This marketing platform or AI tool lets users search and sort through big contact databases fast.

Discarding the time-consuming process of contact research, list creation, data input, and other kinds of busywork, this sales intelligence application is of immense use when it comes to stacking contact info (emails, mobile numbers, etc.) and creating a list of prospects.

2. AI-Writer

Let me tell you that apart from using artificial intelligence as a data-processing technology that helps in delegating creative tasks to people, you can also make use of this AI tool when looking to create content.

With just a single headline, this AI tool can suggest a complete blog entry.

While the material does come with some flaws, and you do need to tweak the text output, it does help content creators save enough time when they want to put their labor into producing a new blog.


This AI tool or AI-enabled sales tool helps in automating personalized conversation and email communication.

This marketing automation technology can copy human discussions and provides prospective clients a natural experience, by discussing with them, and understanding their product requirements before shifting the discussion to an actual sales professional.

4. NetBase

While brands have been using social media listening for decades, by including AI and machine learning, NetBase has taken it a step further. Its (AI)-enabled system helps in monitoring millions of social media conversations in real-time to provide instant feedback on the audience’s reaction to your latest brand changes and news.

These insights are also useful for marketers who have to  defend their brands, enhance management crises, and grow campaign outcomes.

5. Node

This AI-powered platform or AI tool takes advantage of data from organizations and people to foresee how an organization can engage its workers, customers, partners, and investors, more effectively.

At first, the AI tool develops connections between online elements including goods, people, and companies, and then leverages the power of its algorithm to find out those who have higher chances of converting or purchasing. Marketing automation, job applicant tracking, management consulting, and other programs might all get benefited from these predictive insights.

6. Yotpo

This is one of the most clever and smartest technologies or AI tools that help you manage time-consuming client reviews. This AI tool has a moderating tool that lets you analyze consumer feedback and attitudes, thus helping you with details that you can use to enhance your services and goods.

The AI tool also helps in increasing sales by accumulating crucial data from earlier reviews, and thus giving it to your prospective customers.


Artificial intelligence not just helps in measuring performance, but also monitoring, and performing analysis of every action you did on social media websites such as recitals, customer engagement, and insights. 

Consequently, companies can have a crystal clear view of what their customers are looking for and how they can make their decisions when it comes to buying any products or services via these platforms.

AI here helps in searching the history and purchasing behavior of customers. 

Search engine optimization (SEO) also works through performance indicators.

With its capacity of appropriately assessing user-profiles and making the whole user experience personalized, Artificial Intelligence helps with perfect personalization for many social media platforms.

After reading the article about how to  streamline your social media strategy and which top 6 AI tools can help you with that, we hope that you like to know more about the company that can best guide you.

If you have any questions about which AI tool is best for you, we would be more than happy to answer them in the comment section below.

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