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Taking Steroids To Improve Productivity? Educate & Adopt Latest Technology

Over the past few years, enterprises have always been focusing on improving and scaling up the productivity of their office workers.

While the use of latest technology did help them with astronomical growth at the very beginning, productivity is still not going at the growth rate as it was earlier.

Reasons for this slow productivity behavior are many, and in this article, I will explain to you exactly the same reasons that grabbed my instant attention: technology itself.

Hold on for a second, when I say technology has not benefited much, I don’t mean to misinform, because technology is also useful when it comes to enhancing processes.

Here, I will talk about the misuse of technology. So, let’s begin with the following basic statement:

“Productivity helps in achieving more in a minimal time frame and with fewer resources.”

Scanning through the progress of productivity, undeniably, at this point when competitors started increasing, and the distances between them shortened, technology, undoubtedly, does play a key role in increasing the organizations’ operation. 

A recently conducted study by the U.S. Department of Commerce’s Bureau of Economic Analysis reveals, by the end of the 2000’s decade, capital expenditures of American companies scaled up, and information technology achieved around 50%. 

IT turned into an ideal resource to compete, becoming a commodity from Nicholas Carr’s viewpoint in the debated article IT Doesn’t Matter, to being a fundamental segment of all businesses, and to the end of upholding that every firm is a tech company.

The objective is quite straightforward, productivity helps bring more ROI for firms, and with technology, our endeavors escalate. 

Far from it, over the past two decades, IT played an essential role in our personal lives. It impacted our lives more than we had ever thought of.

I don’t intend to unpack the use of smart devices as this topic may turn in another direction, but just to share a little amount of data, we invest 6 to 8 hrs a day staring at our smart devices today.

The problem is that we use various types of applications nowadays, that giving priority to our works becomes as intricate as it never used to be.

And essentially, the immense and frequent use of the personal and work apps keeps us fully and mostly occupied throughout the day, which makes it difficult to improve and refine productivity as everyone is hopping around in a multi-functional environment. 

In a nutshell, the entire growth of a worker in a company today would be the gist of his/her accomplishments while working and the ones out of workroom time.

So, it all relies on the technology usage behavior that impacts the efficacy of your workforce.

Additionally, we have got unlimited application options to complete every activity.

How can you improve your productivity score through IT?

If you truly want to scale up your efficacy score, merely two things need to be focused by you:

  • Find out the most appropriate technology and people to collaborate with and create this capability for you in the form of business software. 
  • Educate yourself on when and how to leverage the applications you want to embrace.

If you don’t pay attention to the above two actions, your total productivity equation will shatter and collapse.

And you will end it up like the bodybuilder who is poorly advised and falls ill due to steroid misuse owing to the lack of professional and industry expert guidance.

After reading the article about how the correct use of information technology can improve your productivity and how its misuse can decline the same, we hope that you want to know more about the company that can guide you on how you can improve your productivity through the advanced technology driven applications, software, tools and programs.

If you have any questions about your productivity or need some experts’ advice on how you can improve your it, we would be happy to answer them in the comment section below.

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