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5 Strong Reasons How Artificial Intelligence Will Revolutionize Our Daily Life

Vladimir Putin said, Whoever becomes the ruler of Artificial Intelligence will become the ruler of the world.

By this, he meant that artificial intelligence will one day rule the world and so will we ruled by it.

But the matter of concern is why and how this will happen. After all, what artificial intelligence is, and why it will do so. Well, this can be best understood by the impact of AI in our daily lives. But before that let me tell you what artificial intelligence is.

What is Artificial Intelligence (AI)?

Though there is no widely accepted and precise definition of artificial intelligence, while searching through the internet, you can surely find plenty of sources and people defining artificial intelligence in their own words and based on their wits or whims.

So, to make it more understandable and straightforward, I would like to sum it up as: 

“Artificial intelligence is a set of algorithms and technological tools that helps predict, recommend, and decide to change real and digital environments based on data.”

AI, thus, does the tasks that were initially considered to be performed mainly by humans.

So, AI is a transformative technology that will radically and realistically change our lives.

Still not satisfied with what I said? Here are five reasons why AI will change the world.

1. AI is omnipresent

Did you ever ask Alexa to know about the morning weather report? Did you ever pass through a public space that makes use of facial recognition technology? 

Or, did you ever pay for purchases using your credit card? Or, did you ever buy a product that Amazon recommended to you? 

Or, did you ever browse through to find out your potential love matches on a dating app? 

I believe you must have done so. 

And almost many of us do and might have done all these activities daily. But did you ever try to know how all these processes are made possible and who gives you the results?

Well, it’s nothing but artificial intelligence, abbreviated as AI and data entered by the users.

So, when you do any transactions using your credit card, this transformative technology helps your credit card company in determining – within a fraction of time – that your recently made transaction is apt for your spending pattern and is not fraudulent.

So, if bluntly said, AI is deeply and already built-in to your daily life, and it won’t go anywhere.

2. AI isn’t just sneaking up on your daily lives discreetly but it transforms entire industries

Of course, artificial intelligence is infiltrating your everyday life but it is also transforming the way industries work today. Whether it is banking, retail, farming or manufacturing, it is being used by almost every industry. For instance, in the healthcare sector, doctors or scientists use AI to find out and at times to predict disease. 

So, the healthcare providers and their patients can make better lifestyle and treatment decisions.

Best of all, AI-enabled systems can even outpace human experts to identify a disease.

3. AI will automate all our works but is surely not a job-snatcher

Machines can do most tasks without any human interference. And they have truly turned out to be a boon for industries leveraging some or other kinds of automated software. 

But this surge in automation never means that it will impact the jobs of human beings. Rather it will create the needs for more creativity and empathy.

Of course, it displaces people from their jobs. Conversely, it also creates more such jobs that will give value to your unique human capabilities such as creativity and empathy.

4. AI isn’t as expensive as it was thought to be earlier

Where you needed expensive technology and a large in-house team of data scientists to work with AI earlier, now it isn’t so. Because similar to many other technology solutions, you can now readily use AI on an as-a-service basis – with a swiftly rising variety of off-the-peg service solutions intended for all-sized businesses.

For example, in 2019, Amazon introduced an AI-enabled service, called Personalize, which lets businesses give customized customer search results and recommendations.

Amazingly, Amazon says there is no need for AI experience to deploy and train the technology.

5. AI fuels other technology trends

Last but not least, AI is a trend-setter because without it we wouldn’t have seen the recent advancements in areas such as chatbots, virtual reality, facial recognition, robotics, autonomous vehicles, and so on. Just think of any latest scientific breakthrough or transformative technology, you will surely see the impact and role of AI.

E.g., AI allows researchers to quickly read and sequence genes, and this knowledge helps ensure which drug therapies can be used to treat an individual patient.

After reading the article about the revolutionary role of AI in our everyday life, we hope that you want to know more about the company that can best guide you about this transformative technology, machine learning, deep learning and how you can use it for your company’s growth.

If you have any questions about AI or need some experts’ advice to implement this technology-enabled system, we would be happy to answer them in the comment section below.

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